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1:1 Leadership Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

Your top talent is learning everything they know from internal team members, so they’re stuck trying the same strategies you’ve already leveraged.

They’re attending conferences and coming back with hundreds of ideas - that they don’t know how to implement.

The skills that got them to where they are aren’t going to get them to where they need to be.

Maybe you’re creating a succession plan and want to ensure your best people are ready to step up to the plate.

Imagine if…

You are confident that your top talent is prepared to lead the company into the next phase of growth. 

You know your leaders are getting world-class coaching from someone with a proven track record of scaling successful businesses in the staffing industry.

Your leaders have a trustworthy outside source they can turn to in confidence, so they can effectively work through challenges and ideas.

Your top talent can boost agility, empathy, and key areas of functional expertise to drive impact and accelerate company growth.

You can develop the future leaders of the company with intentionality.

This program is designed to unlock the full potential of your executives and emerging leaders. Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll work through challenges and develop the skills they need to boost performance and lead the company into the future.

A 1-Year Program for Executives & Emerging Leaders


1:1 Leadership Coaching

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David Garson, Vice President, Advance Partners

Working 1:1 with Ericka as a leadership coach has been a transformative experience. Her guidance and support have empowered me to push beyond my comfort zone, leading to incredible growth both personally and professionally. I have been able to unlock my full potential and achieve goals I never thought possible. Ericka's ability to challenge and inspire me has not only resulted in a promotion but has also helped me gain clarity on my long-term aspirations. With her by my side, I am confident that I am on the path to living a fulfilling life aligned with my values. It has truly been a pleasure working with Ericka, and I am grateful for the impact she continues to have on my growth journey.

Sessions are tailored to meet the individual’s and organization’s needs. We’ll focus on various key functional areas of expertise to enhance leadership skills. These include strategy, operations, talent, sales, marketing, and more.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

What You’ll Get:


Be well-versed in various functional areas of expertise so they have the skills they need to thrive in the next stage of their career trajectory.

Have the confidence to make better decisions and elevate their leadership.

By the end of this program, they’ll:

Invest in your emerging leaders!

Perform at a level they never have before.

Understand and leverage their unique strengths and have an action plan to close any gaps.

I don’t just talk the talk - I’ve walked the walk. I have a proven track record of building and scaling successful, high-growth companies in the staffing industry.

I spent nearly 20 years at ettain group, playing a pivotal role in growing the company from a start-up to one of the largest national recruitment and IT solutions firms in the country. I led WorkN to realize 700% revenue growth and a successful acquisition by Avionte in less than 2 years, playing a pivotal role in digital transformation across the staffing industry.

Now, I’m passionate about helping CEOs and top talent lead companies into their next stage of growth.

I’m Ericka Hyson

The ROI of coaching has been proven through various research studies and extends beyond the quantitative values of revenue and retention to have additional qualitative values including employee engagement, job satisfaction, and improved productivity. A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% ROI.


Executive Coaching is an evidence-based way to boost individual, team, and organizational performance. Having a neutral third-party assessment helps to reveal blind spots. Additionally, coaching provides a safe, unbiased space to work through ideas with only the CEO’s best interests in mind.


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Claudia Machado, Director of Finance (Focus GTS)

Working one-on-one with Ericka as my leadership coach has truly been a transformative and highly beneficial part of my career journey. She's not just a coach, but a mentor who's adeptly guided me in seamlessly aligning my personal and professional values. Her insights into the unique challenges of women in leadership roles have been invaluable, as well as her guidance in preparing me for a future C-executive position. What stands out most is Ericka's selfless approach and her genuine dedication to helping and guiding others. Her support and mentorship have made a significant and lasting impact on my professional development, making her an invaluable asset in my journey.

Invest in the future and your leaders today.

Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed.

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